The Pacers' roster is exactly the same today as it was when their season ended a few months ago, but they certainly haven't been quiet. We fans have been able to entertain ourselves with all kinds of possibilities thanks to rumors that have been surfacing every few days.

It appears the Pacers are talking to anyone and everyone, and almost anything is in play. The rumor today is that the Pacers were hoping to deal the 10th pick to Minnesota for point guard Jonny Flynn.

What most of these rumors have in common is a point guard coming to the Pacers. Clearly the biggest need on the roster, the Pacers don't see a pg outside of John Wall being the answer, so it appears they are looking to deal their 10th pick to get a young, but more established point.

One other thing to consider is the idea of trading down. Many have pegged the Pacers to be looking to move down, and also the Pacers have been rumored to really like Daniel Orton. Putting those two together could make sense.

Whatever happens, I believe Pacers' fans are starting to get restless in this anticipation. All of these rumors leave the feeling that something significant is going to change this week.

And coming off three consecutive losing seasons, we are ready for some change.