I get the feeling as I watch the NBA Finals this year that I'm watching something that is reserved for the elite NBA teams that really matter, and our Pacers would never even imagine playing in such meaningful games.

With the team a state of change and months still left until a new season begins, we have one place we can turn for joy - youtube.

One way to pass the time in the offseason with no Pacers basketball, is to watch the old highlights, relive the memories, and hope for what could be in the (hopefully near) future.

So, I'll be posting videos from Pacers' glory days in the upcoming days, to stir up some excitement.

With tonight being Game 6 of the Finals in Los Angeles, I thought there would be nothing better to watch than when the Pacers found themselves in the exact same situation ten years ago.

The Pacers lost the game, obviously, but what a great feeling to be part of such a huge game and charged atmosphere!