What a great time to be a sports fan. The MLB regular season is winding down with the playoffs set to begin soon. The NFL season is getting warmed up and we have that to look forward to every Sunday.

Now, crazy as this seems, NBA training camp is starting tomorrow! 

For Pacer fans this has an extra excitement. Last year was brutal. The team staggered through the entire season, looking helpless with the one hope being a high draft pick for next year. Then of course the Pacers went on a hot streak late to take their record to a meaningless 32-50, landing them the 10th pick in the draft, instead of a high pick.

But after waiting and frustration and asking questions about where in the world this train was headed, the Pacers finally have a direction.

They swung the perfect deal for PG Darren Collison, who now has a lot of expectations on his thin shoulders.

Pacer fans have a lot to look forward to, as they have a very young and pretty talented nucleus to build around. The starting five projects to look like Collison, Rush (after his 5 game drug suspension), Granger, Hansbrough (recently cleared to play) and Hibbert. 

While that starting five won't have fans rushing out to buy NBA Finals tickets, that is at least a solid team, a young team, and a team that seems headed in the right direction. After this season the Pacers will have more cap room than any other team which will give them the ability to pursue free agents or someone in a trade to make this team a contender.

But enough with the future. The Pacers have been talking about the future for a long time and finally we have a now that we can be excited about. It is hard to believe we are already talking about NBA basketball, but for Pacer fans this is a great time.

Could this team make the playoffs? We will have to see, but the season starts tomorrow.