Most Pacer fans rejoiced when Larry Bird and co. shipped Troy Murphy to New Jersey in a four team trade that brought Darren Collison to Indy.

I cheered right along with those fans, but as great as this deal was for the Pacers, it does leave a question at the 4 spot.

The Pacers can hardly count on Tyler Hansbrough, who played just a few games last season and still has not been cleared to have full contact.

Josh McRoberts has always been thought of as an end of the bench, energy guy and if you are counting on him for major minutes at the 4, that is probably a concern.

I'm sure at times the Pacers will go small with either Danny Granger or newly aquired James Posey at the 4. I especially like the idea of Posey, who is strong and physical getting some minutes there.

The ideal move for the Pacers would be to move either TJ Ford's or Mike Dunleavy's expiring contracts for a serviceable veteran power forward, but not many teams are jumping at those players.

Louis Amundson is still looking for a team and the Pacers have been mentioned in looking at him. However, the Pacers have full roster (with Magnum Rolle still unsigned) and I'm not sure Amundson would be much of an upgrade over McRoberts.

This will certainly be something for Pacer fans to watch for. If Hansbrough is healthy, they could have a serviceable rotation of him, Granger, Posey and McRoberts. But if it turns out Hansbrough is still battling vertigo and can't provide consistent minutes, this situation gets pretty messy.

Whatever happens, it is safe to say the primary concern with all the extra money the Pacers will free up next summer will be Power Forward.

I'm still glad we traded Troy Murphy.