So much is going on right now with the NBA, so I'm just going to give some quick hitting thoughts.

First for the Pacers.

I am really excited about our new guys, Lance Stephenson and Paul George. Stephenson has shined in the summer league so far, and caught a lot of people's attention. He's scored well in each game, has great size for a point guard, and has played unselfish solid basketball. Really seems like could be a huge steal in the 2nd round.

With George I kind of hoped he'd drop about 30 a game in the summer league. Well, he hasn't been lighting it up on offense, but I still like what I'm seeing from him. He is young. He probably will take some lumps in the league and won't be a dynamic player for a while.

But he has shown a willingness to do the little things. He has defended well and rebounded very well. And he shows flashes of amazing. He can jump out of the gym and has a sweet stroke, which, at 6' 9'' he will be able to get almost whenever he wants.

Around the League

Tonight "The decision" will be aired on ESPN. Everybody is talking about this. I think it's pretty lame that we are being forced to watch a one hour special on this. It's been drawn out enough as it is.

Sources are saying that James will sign with the Heat and join Wade and Bosh. First of all, I'll believe it when I see it. There has been so much information flying around this, you never know what to believe.

If he does sign with the Heat, I'll be a bit surprised and a bit disappointed. I would much rather Lebron and Wade go at each other in the Playoffs than all play together. Some talk about how this might not work out, even if they all play together. Trust me, it will. That team would be impossible to beat in a 7 game series.

One other thought. While this free agent summer has spun out of control, we quietly had a report yesterday that Kevin Durant signed a 5 year $86 million extension. (How does that make you feel about Joe Johnson getting 6/$119? Yikes)

I am so excited about this kid. He has come into the league, been great, and has continued to get better. He is a great teammate, works extremely hard, and is just smooth. I really look forward to seeing what he does, because I think he's going to be the 2nd best player in the league pretty soon.

I also appreciate his humility and thankfulness for signing the extension, at a time where his peers are making a scene, turning the spotlights to themselves and mostly acting entitled.

Durant tweeted, "God is Great, me and my family came a long way."