The unpredictability of the offseason is one of the few exciting things about being a fan of a rebuilding team. Because we have no idea what is going to happen, we can take every rumor and start going crazy thinking about all these different deals.

The draft is deep with big men. Most mock drafts have PF and C flying off the board all throughout the lottery and early teens. So if you are a team looking to add frontcourt depth, this is a good draft for you, but if you are picking in the 20s, you may be out of luck.

The Pacers have said they are willing to move their pick, so teams have come calling. Pacers' beat writer Mike Wells has mentioned Denver talking to the Pacers, and the Pacers talking to New Orleans about Darren Collison.

The Spurs are also apparently interested in getting the 10th pick.

Because of the Pacers' needs, I don't see them staying in the 10 spot. They will trade it and move down and probably add a point guard with some experience.

I actually like some of these possibilities. I love Collison and also like Lawson. Moving the draft pick for a young, solid point guard would be a huge step in the right direction.

I don't know what will happen, but that may be the best part of the offseason. You can always be optimistic. Either way the draft is just over a week away, and the team will start to take shape soon.

Epic Game 6?

One of the best parts of this offseason of waiting has been the current NBA season continuing on. The Finals have been a treat to watch, and tonight has a chance to be one of the biggest NBA games in a long time.

I was genuinely concerned that the dominant talk in the NBA would be, "Where will LeBron play next year?" But these Finals have been so good, that we have pushed LeBron to the side.

This Game 6 will have a Game 7 feel. Boston wants to close it out now while they have momentum, and to avoid the Game 7 in LA. The Lakers' backs are against the wall. 

The Lakers have kind of gone through these playoffs as if they could turn it up a notch whenever necessary to put a team away. Now they are in a battle with a team that is not intimidated and are not afraid of a big game on the road.

I think the Lakers will pull it out tonight behind a big game from Gasol, but I'm just looking forward to sitting back and enjoying the show.

This is about the most excited I've ever been for a non-Pacers NBA game. I absolutely can't wait to see what happens.