by: dSource

Anybody who knows anything about the NBA knows Paul George got hops, but even his "King-ness" couldn't believe what the third-year Pacers swingman pulled off in Shanghai, China in a recent trip. "The homie  got crazy bounce. Just saw him reverse 360 b/t the legs windmill at the Nike FOS in Shanghai. No warmup " tweeted LeBron James.

You can say that again.

George brought the house down with his clockwise 360, between-the-legs, windmill dunk from the left wing which is a variation of the glow-in-the-dark 360, windmill he did at the 2012 All-Star Dunk Contest in Orlando. Minus the pageantry, the neon Foamposites, and the glow sticks, George's eye-popping dunk has become viral on the internet with almost 3 millions views.

It's the kind of plays that has made George a fan favorite, and has the Pacers faithful excited about the upcoming season. And with the addition of former dunk champ Gerald Green, whom the Pacers signed to a 3-year contract at the beginning of free agency singing, the blue-and-gold figure to be on highlight reels and ESPN Top Plays all year long.