Yesterday was a great day for Pacers fans.

It has been written about from all different angles, so I won't try to offer much news here. I just want to share my excitement.

The Pacers acquired Darren Collison and James Posey in a four team deal where they sent Troy Murphy to the Nets.

All summer the Pacers have been in search for a point guard. Fans were lead to believe draft night would be a turning point, as the Pacers were involved in a ton of rumors about almost every point guard.

Nothing happened then and it seemed nothing would happen. We were left trying to talk ourselves into Lance Stephenson (a 19 year old who played 2 guard in college) as our new point guard.

But Larry Bird and co. stayed patient and pulled off a much better deal than the ones rumored at the deadline.

Collison will be the point guard of the future. In 37 starts last year he averaged 18.8 points and 9.1 assists. Not bad for a rookie.

The work for the Pacers is not done yet for the summer. They still have TJ Ford on their roster who they have little use for now. They also are thin at Power Forward with a lot of wings.

We will see how the roster ends up shaking out, but for now we can celebrate a great deal and have a lot more excitement about the upcoming season.