The madness of this season of NBA free agency can test your patience if you're a Pacers' fan. When you have been suffering through losing seasons and a drawn out rebuilding process, you want change as fast as possible.

This summer has added to the impatience, because there has been so much talk and so much going on, and the Pacers can't be involved in any of it. But this may turn out to be a good thing.

Mike Wells talked about the Pacers' situation for the IndyStar and said essentially that we'll have to wait for the dust to settle from all the craziness before we see the Pacers structure their roster.

This is the best thing the Pacers can do. Drew Gooden just signed a 5 year $32 million contract. Rudy Gay 5 years $80 mil. Joe Johnson 6 years $119 mil. Darko Milicic, 4 years, $20 mil. Amir Johnson, 5 years, $32 mil.

Think about those for a second and then imagine any of those teams looking back in a few years and being glad they made those deals. Almost impossible. What has happened with all the hype of this summer of 2010 is teams feel they have to do something. They can't just sit back and wait.

So they make their move and they end up regretting it. The Pacers don't have the option to make moves like this, because they don't have cap room, but that works out just fine. When all the craziness settles, we'll still be where we're at and can start working to make moves and complete the roster.

When you're a bad team, doing nothing can be extremely frustrating. Pacer fans, I encourage you: If you feel this way, just imagine giving Drew Gooden that contract above.

Patience is growing on me.