Tony Parker to the Pacers?

The rumor has been floated around in the last few days, and of course it created a lot of interest among Pacer fans, who, as I said before, are desperate for something to happen.

The rumor which Chad Ford of ESPN mentioned was the Pacers getting Parker, with the Spurs getting Troy Murphy, Brandon Rush and the Pacers' #10 pick.

I won't spend much time talking about this, because it is probably just a rumor, but I have two thoughts.

1. Why?

I can't imagine a situation where this makes sense. Parker is in the last year of his contract, just like Murphy. So let's say we get a great 2010-11 season out of Parker, the Pacers play well, maybe sneak into the playoffs. Then Parker is a free agent and most likely bolts the next summer, leaving the Pacers in the same position they are in now, except without Rush and this year's lottery pick.

The only thing I can imagine is with cap money coming available next summer(Dunleavy and Ford's contracts expire), Larry Legend might think he can sign Parker to an extension. Then he could build around Parker, Granger and possibly another mid-level free agent. If you can get the extension then there is something to think about.

Something just tells me Tony won't be itching to sign on for the rebuilding project in Indy when someone else could give him more money and he could compete for a title like he has every year of his career.

2. Rumors are Rumors

Like I said, Pacer fans are pretty desperate for something to happen, because we seem so stuck right now. So when something like this comes up, we take it and run with it.

The truth is, rumors are always flying around. So just because you hear something doesn't mean it is going to happen.

Finals Tonight

The NBA Finals are finally about to start, and it should be fun. I'm picking the Celtics for tonight, but it will be Lakers in 7 for the series.

I think Boston outworks the Lakers tonight and their defense will force them to shoot a low percentage. With a lot of rest, Boston will have plenty of energy and aggressiveness on defense. The Lakers will get no easy shots, which will be a big adjustment from the Phoenix series.

I expect to see a slow, physical, tough game which will play right into Boston's hands.

Boston 98 Los Angeles 91