Have the Pacers turned the corner? The question probably would have been more appropriate after the two consecutive impressive victories, instead of today just after a beat down at the hands of winless Philly.

However, the question remains. Have the Pacers, with their new point guard, and essentially new center with the improvement of Hibbert, turned the corner?

The answer however, depends first on how you define the question and second on how the rest of this season plays out.

An 82 game NBA season is an absolute grind. This is why I wasn't too excited after the Pacers 2-1 start, and I'm not throwing in the towel after that atrocity in Philly.

With that being said, tonight's game against the Bucks is just a game. 1 of 82. Yet, how the Pacers play tonight will tell a lot about where this team is at.

Does the team take it as a challenge to come out aggressive and get a win on their home floor against a division rival? Or do they come out lazy and slow and continue the momentum they started against the Sixers?

The Pacers are no elite team. They have serious depth issues, and more than anything are just extremely young. I do believe they are on the right track.

They are still looking to turn the corner and establish themselves as a playoff team. That could happen this year, or it could be next year (if next year happens).

A game like tonight will tell a lot about how close they are to making that jump.

Go Pacers!

And to get ready for the game, don't forget the Pacers' and Bucks have some history!


If the Pacers lost that game, we have no Finals appearance in 2000.