Yesterday (Thursday) was a long day. I woke up in the morning with big expectations. Something was finally going to happen.

As a Pacers fan, we have had nothing to get excited about since the season ended, but the last month has brought a new energy. Almost every day we heard a new potential deal that the Pacers were working on which would bring something new to this desperate franchise.

But nothing would happen. There was always this possibility that we would make a deal, but it always turned out to be nothing. It was like watching soccer.

But Thursday was the day. Something was going down. Had to. All those rumors. All those possibilities. Surely Bird and Morway were just weighing the best deal and had to wait and see how the lottery played out before making anything official.

Then it started. Wall. Turner. Favors….Ok, that’s supposed to happen, stuff is going to start getting crazy soon, right? Johnson. Cousins. Udoh. Monroe.

Wait, is this the real draft or am I watching a live production of Chad Ford’s Mock Draft 10.0? As it went on, I slowly got the feeling we were just going to pick at #10. Really I thought it was going to be very interesting, but Utah took Gordon Hayward, which took some pressure off the Pacers’ front office.

Then the pick, Pacers select Paul George, Fresno St. No big changes yet, and a roster that looks like it still has a lot of work to be done. I really like the George pick and for that matter the Stephenson pick, but they show that we still don’t know where we stand.

I wrote a few weeks ago it seemed like the Pacers front office was just kind of wandering through, hoping to stumble into a good roster without a definite plan. I had hoped that the draft Thursday would prove that wrong and show a clear plan of what the future looks like. No such luck.

So the question is, are we happy where we are and just waiting for some free agent pieces to fall, or are we thinking, “Uh, ok what do we do next? We still don’t have a point guard.”

I’m not sure, but maybe it will be helpful to list pros and cons of the state of the Pacers.