We have finally arrived. The NBA Draft is tonight, and we are guaranteed to see some changes happen with our Pacers. Honestly I'm jittery just waiting to find out what happens.

Rumors keep popping up, and it seems the Pacers have discussed a trade with almost every team in the league. Chances are, if the Pacers get a deal done, we won't find out until during the draft tonight, because most trades depend on certain players being available at certain slots in the draft.

All I know is, tonight is huge for the Pacers. We have been stuck in no man's land for the last few years, and now we have assets to move forward. The team will not completely take shape until next summer when all of our contracts expire, but tonight will determine the framework of the direction the team is headed.

One thing that is most likely to happen is the Pacers will have a new point guard tonight. Also, Larry Bird made it evident he wants the Pacers to win now, so we will see if he is able to swing something that brings a veteran talent to the team.

We will have to just wait and see. I just hope tonight doesn't disappoint.