If you're a Pacers' fan I'm sure you've heard about Indiana's summer league debut and the performance put on by Lance Stephenson.

He put up 21 points on 8-10 shooting with 5 assists, while playing the point. With the current point guard situation of the Pacers it is hard not to get excited.

It's the summer league, against bad competition and it is one game. However, certain abilities are undeniable. The Pacers coaches have been talking about Stephenson's ball handling, playmaking, and general ability to break down defense with the ball in his hands. He has done it in scrimmages and practices, and he put on a show in his first summer league game.

Of course we have to keep our expectations moderate. He will struggle against proven NBA talent, but what 19 year old doesn't? When he comes to many bumps in the road, it will point less to his physical limitations then just his need for NBA maturity.

Paul George was much less impressive, going 2-7 from the field, but ending up with 12 points. Just like we can't get too much out of one great game from Stephenson, we also can't read into George's first game too much.

We know he has ability, and we just have to give these young guys some time to grow and just get used to playing pro games before we really know what we have.

One thing though, we know Lance was "Born Ready" for some NBA action. He has a chance to be really good, and if you even have that chance with the 2nd round pick that is awesome.

Good for the Pacers on taking some chances on upside and potential in this year's draft.

Game 2 of summer league action is tonight. We'll know a lot more about these guys seeing how they play two games in a row.

But it's still summer league.